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brian hopkins

alyx pattison

brian has responded and we are looking forward to his responses. after receiving our questions brian hopkins choose not to participate.

alyx has responded and we are looking forward to her responses. after receiving our questions alyx pattison choose not to participate.

question 1

for far too long many chicago residents have felt that the city council is far too administrative and does not fully utilize its legislative power.

 a. do you agree with the status quo or will you

     author and introduce citywide ordinances?

 b. if you were able to author and pass five

     ordinances on your first day in office what would

     they be?



question 2

reading the recent guardian article on the homan square police facility made many of us sick. what power do you have as alderman to ensure programs like that never happen again and what steps will you take to ensure there is proper oversight in the future?


question 3

you have both talked about an alderman’s prerogative. are there issues where you would step in and work to defeat an ordinance specific to another ward?


question 4

a majority of the ward does not have children in public schools. what are the issues we should care about with regards to an  elected school board and how will it directly affect and change schools? won’t it just further politicize schools?


question 5

many residents supported the school closings under the current mayor. where would the city have come up with the money to repair and operate those schools? are there objective negative statistics regarding school performance since the schools closed?

question 6

does chicago need an independent office, similar to the congressional budget office to work with the mayor and city council to determine the financial viability of proposed budgets and ordinances?


question 7

you have both essentially pledged to not raise property taxes. with each passing day it becomes more and more apparent to many of us that our budget issues cannot be solved by eliminating waste alone. it appears that either services will need to cut or revenue will need to increase (or some combination of the two). citing specific programs or revenue streams how will you work to solve these issues?

question 8

you have both received a significant majority of your campaign donations from outside the ward. the campaign contributions you have both received within the ward are overwhelming east of michigan avenue. what will be the impact of these moneyed influences on our ward?

question 9

if we are sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it has been for our city and ward- what did we accomplish together?

question 10

tell us something about yourself that we should know.

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